Trắc nghiệm Tiếng Anh ôn thi công chức, viên chức trình độ A1 có đáp án - Phần 5

Trắc nghiệm Tiếng Anh ôn thi công chức, viên chức trình độ A1 có đáp án - Phần 5

  • 30/08/2021
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Trắc Nghiệm Hay giới thiệu đến các bạn Trắc nghiệm Tiếng Anh ôn thi công chức, viên chức trình độ A1 có đáp án - Phần 5. Tài liệu bao gồm 30 câu hỏi kèm đáp án thuộc danh mục Trắc nghiệm công chức. Tài liệu này sẽ giúp các bạn ôn tập, củng cố lại kiến thức để chuẩn bị cho các kỳ thi sắp tới. Mời các bạn tham khảo!

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Câu 1: Your hair badly needs…………, Tom! 

A. cut

B. cutting 

C. to cut

D. be cut

Câu 4: By next Friday, Sam……….five speeches. 

A. gives 

B. will give

C. will have given

D. has given

Câu 5: May I suggest Monday for our trip to Bristol? 

A. I think we must go to Bristol on Monday.

B. I think we would be allowed to go to Bristol on Monday.

C. I think Monday is the only day we can manage for the trip.

D. I think Monday would be a good day for us to go to Bristol.

Câu 6: She told us to help ourselves to the apples in the basket. 

A. She offered us some apples in return for our help.

B. She wanted us to help her pick the apples from the basket.

C. She let us have as many apples as we wanted. 

D. She wanted us to pick the apples ourselves.

Câu 7:  Choose the sentence that is closest in meaning to the sentence given. They arrived too late to get good seats

A. When they arrived, the good seats had already been taken.

B. They had to stand for the whole show

C. Although they were late, they found some good seats.

D. They got good seats some time after they arrived.

Câu 8: How long is it since they bought the house?. 

A. When will they buy the house? 

B. When did they buy the house?

C. How long was the house built?

D. When can they build the house?

Câu 9: Our opinions on the subject are identical. 

A. There's some difference in our opinions on the subject.

B. We differ in opinions on the subject.

C. We have the same opinions on the subject.

D. We look like each other.

Câu 10: The film was so boring that I fell asleep. 

A. I fell asleep because the film was very boring.

B. It was such an interesting film that I fell asleep.

C. The film was interesting enough, but I fell asleep.

D. The film was too boring for me to fall asleep.

Câu 11: The holiday wouldn't have cost so much if they hadn't gone abroad. 

A. The holiday costs much because they have decided to go abroad. 

B. They went abroad for their holiday. That's why it cost so much. 

C. They didn't go abroad because they couldn’t afford the holiday.

D. They would like to go abroad though the holiday costs much. 

Câu 12: She started working as a secretary five years ago. 

A. She will work as a secretary for five years.

B. She worked as a secretary forfive years.

C. She hasn't worked as a secretary for five years. 

D. She has worked as a secretary for five years.

Câu 13: My mother never allows me to go out alone at night. 

A. I was not allowed to go out at night with my friends.

B. My mother never goes out with me at night.

C. My mother never lets me go out alone at night. 

D. According to my mother, going out alone at night is what I should do.

Câu 14: Nancy isn't used to walking so far. 

A. Nancy isn't accustomed to walking so far.

B. Nancy doesn’t like walking so far.

C. Nancy used to walk further. 

D. Nancy often walks such a long way.

Câu 15: Although Chris was the stronger of the two, his opponent soon overpowered him.

A. Despite his superior strength, Chris was soon overpowered by his opponent.

B. Chis was not as strong as his opponent but he soon overpowered the other

C. Chris lost because he had no power.

D. Because Chris was strong, he soon overpowered his opponent.

Câu 16: "If only I'd learnt to drive," Roger said. 

A. Roger thinks he should learn to drive now. 

B. Roger is pleased he learnt to drive. 

C. Roger wishes he had learnt to drive.

D. Roger regrets learning to drive. 

Câu 17: I can't get my feet into these shoes. 

A. These shoes are too small for my feet.

B. I don't want to put these shoes on

C. I don't want to buy these shoes.

D. These shoes are big enough for my feet.

Câu 18: It was thought that the accident was caused by human error. 

A. People think that human error causes the accident. 

B. The accident was thought to be caused by human error. 

C. The accident is thought to cause human error

D. People thought that the accident is caused by human error. 

Câu 19: "That's a lovely new dress, Jean," said her mother.

A. Jean said that was a lovely new dress

B. Jean's mother wishes she had such a dress.

C. Jean's mother complimented her on the lovely new dress.

D. Jean's mother told her to buy that lovely new dress.

Câu 20: There was no alternative for them but to look for a new flat. 

A. They couldn't alter their new flat.

B. They can't look for a new flat now. 

C. They didn't need to look for a new flat because of other alternatives. 

D. The only thing they could do was to look for a new flat. 

Câu 21: Would you mind turning your radio down a little please? 

A. I would like you to turn off the radio.

B. Your radio is a little down. Please turn it up. 

C. I would like to listen to the radio. 

D. Please would you turn your radio down a little? 

Câu 22: There's no point in persuading him to do this. 

A. It is useless to persuade him to do this.

B. He is able to do this although he does not want to. 

C. I enjoy persuading him to do this.

D. It would be useful to persuade him to do this.

Câu 23: He survived the operation thanks to skilful surgery.

A. He survived because he was a skilful surgeon. 

B. Without skilful surgery, he would have died.

C. Because skilful surgery, he survived the operation

D. He died after the operation. 

Câu 24: Not until I left home did I realize how much my father meant to me. 

A. I realized how much my father meant to me just when I was home.

B. I left home and didn't realize how much my father meant to me.

C. It was only when I left home that I realized how much my father meant to me. 

D. Before I left home, I had realized how much my father meant to me. 

Câu 25: I'd have bought Sam's car if I'd known he was selling it. 

A. I knew Sam wanted to sell his car.

B. I didn't buy Sam's car because I didn't know he was selling it.

C. I bought the car without knowing it was Sam's.

D. I'll buy the car as soon as Sam decides to sell it.

Câu 26: There 's no need for you to talk so loudly

A. You musn't talk loudly.

B. Please talk louder so that everyone can hear you.

C. I want you to talk as loudly as possible.

D. You don't have to talk so loudly.

Câu 27: It doesn't matter to them which film they go to. 

A. No matter what film are shown, they never go.

B. They don't mind which film they go to.

C. Which film they go to matters the most.

D. They choose which film to see carefully.

Câu 28: Refusal to give a breath sample to the police could lead to your arrest. 

A. If you are arrested, you have to give a breath sample.

B. If a breath sample is not given, the police will refuse to arrest you. 

C. You could be arrested for not giving a breath sample to the police.

D. The police arrest you if you give a sample breath. 

Câu 29: With six children on her hands, she is extremely busy. 

A. She's very busy because she always carries her six children. 

B. Her six children's hands always make her busy. 

C. She's too busy to look after her six children.

D. With six children to look after, she's very busy.

Câu 30: I would rather have an egg for breakfast. 

A. I prefer to have an egg for breakfast.

B. I would eat an egg if I was hungry. 

C. I'll have an egg if there's nothing else. 

D. I don't want to eat eggs for breakfast. 

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